Polyurethane based wood varnish with UV filters for extra protection from weather conditions. It has great elasticity and hardness, excellent leveling and is highly durable. Colorless and in 11 shades.
SKU: 005-1001856
Manufacturer: VITEX
€2.60 incl tax

Solvent-based polyurethane varnish (one component) for indoors and outdoors and outdoors wooden surfaces. It has excellent application properties, as well as very good elasticity and hardness. The polyurethane resin provides excellent durability even if exposed to adverse weather conditions, while the UV filters protect wood from the damaging effects of sunrays.

• Polyurethane wood varnish
• With UV filters to protect wood from the damaging effects of sunrays

Available colourless in gloss, satin and mat finish and in 11 glossy ready shades.