Water-based, virtually odorless undercoat, 100% acrylic, with excellent adhesion to masonry, providing surfaces with less absorbency. Easy to apply with high spreading rate. Improves appearance, adhesion, hiding power and durability of the final coating.
SKU: 005-1001801
Manufacturer: VITEX
$4.12 incl tax

Semi-transparent water-based primer of 100% acrylic resins. It is

used as an undercoat for Vitex's water-based paints (emulsion, acrylic, cement paints, relief, etc.). It is very easy to apply and has high spreading rate. It improves the appearance, hiding power and weather resistance of the final coat. It is a suitable primer for alkaline surfaces as well because it impregnates and stabilizes them. Virtually odourless during its application because it does not contain ammonia.

• 100% acrylic
• Excellent adhesion
• Improves the final coat

Available in semi-transparent.